A New Sports Residency Program with E3 Sports

We are excited to announce a new residency program to increase physical movement, setup diverse play structures, and provide new educational tools and tactics for healthier living. Our Lady of Mercy has partnered with E3 Sports for two types of programs beginning next month in February. 
The two types of programs E3 Sports will provide are:
  1.  School Wide Gym/Recess Improvement Program: E3 Sports will act as consultants and provide on-site training and coaching to OLMCA with a progressive approach to crafting a NEW and IMPROVED physical education program to significantly improve recess activities, gym classes and classroom movement. All grades will receive on-site coaching for 2 weeks during recess and gym in February. New ideas, games, tools and play structures will be introduced and tested by E3 Sports and considered for long term permanent implementation by our gym teacher Mr. Kennedy and the recess staff.  (Note: This program was funded by our Winter Wonderland fundraiser event! *Nursery and Pre-K grades do not qualify for this residency given age and liability restrictions.)
  2. Extra Sports/Gym ClassesKindergarten, Third Grade and Seventh grades* will be given the opportunity to enroll in additional 60 minutes weekly gym classes managed only by E3 Sports between February and April 2018 during regular school hours. The number of classes and class schedule will be determined for each.  (Note: This program is not funded by OLMCA donations; costs for this program will be paid by families of each class assuming there is at least 75% registration.*Kindergarten, Third Grade and Seventh grades currently do not participate in any residency programs.)
OLMCA cares about our students physical health and mindfulness; this initiative is in direct response to the needs expressed by our HAA members. We hope this new residency program  will be the start of an overall healthier more active student community. Attached you will find a our flyer with program dates for consideration, also being sent home. To learn more about the E3 Sports progressive approach and services visit their website at: http://e3sports.com/school-programs/recess/ 
If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please email our Home Academy Association coordinator at haa@olmercyca.com.