About Us

Our Mission

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy is committed to academic excellence that is rooted in the Catholic faith, affirmed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, and centered on our service to God, family, and community.

Our Philosophy

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy seeks to provide a quality Catholic education for children. We educate the whole child through programs encompassing the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological and physical development of our students.

Through our religious education program, we strive to develop a well rounded Christian personality, which will be reflected by respect towards self and others as exemplified by Jesus in the Gospels.

In cooperation with families, the staff works to assist the child in developing a system of values by which to judge the use of knowledge and skills. The rules and disciplines that are incorporated are necessary for the preservation of an atmosphere best adapted to learning. In this way students will learn to be responsible and accountable.

Junior High’s Google Slides on the Mission Statement

8th – Religion – Mission Say – Madison, Jordan, Timothy, Annis

8th – Misson Statement – George, Stefanie, Isabella, & Michael

8th – Mission Statement – Thomas, Elina, Meghan, & Francisco

8th – Mission Statement – Emily, Jadyn, & Ashley

8th – Mission Statement – Eric, Kyrsten, & Liam

7th – Mission Statement Slides – Jospeh, Rachel, & Beatrice

7th – Mission Statement – Teachings of Jesus Christ – Alessia, Heather & Christopher

7th – Academic Excellence – Theresa, Isabel, & Maura

7th – Mission Day – Andre, Vanessa, & Samantha

7th – Mission Day – Spencer, Lauren, Sinead, & Andrew

7th – The Teaching of Jesus Christ – Isabella, Benny, & Hunter

6th – Catholic Faith – Thalia, Mason & Noah

6th – Mission Day Project Naomi, Max, Sofia, & Tiffany

6th – Mission Project – Evan, Cameron & Kenny

6th – Catholic Faith – Aj, Jayden, & Julien

6th – mission day slide presentation – Joshua, Nicole, Brandon