Monday, March 30th

5- Photosynthesis slideshow project due Wednesday by 2pm

6- Biome poster projects due Wednesday

7- Newtons Law #2 Poster due today

8ES: Complete and submit your stations due today, be sure to submit your form!

Ms. Russo- 3/10/20

6: Invasive Species Graphing Lab due tomorrow, review tomorrow, exam moved to thursday

7: signed proposals due tomorrow

8ES: complete cw moon diagram

Ms. Russo- 3/9/20

6, 7 & 8: Science Fair Doc should be completed, printed and signed by parents due tomorrow 3/10

6: be prepared for review tomorrow


Ms. Russo- 3/4/20

5: ballroom project due 2mrw

6: notes will be posted about 5:30pm

7: te book assessment due tomorrow, google wks due friday, 

8: exam tomorrow 

Ms. Russo- 3/3/20

5: religion assessment tomorrow, also be prepared to complete your brochures and posters for ballroom

6: complete #1-3 in the next section of WebQuest

7: one word problem for each formula learned (3in total)

8ES: exam Thursday

Ms. Russo- 3/2/2020

5: Submit science fair doc

6: submit science fair doc

8ES: study exam thursday, review continuee tomorrow & Wednesday

Ms. Russo- 2/27/20

5: Waters of the world packet due tomorrow w. Cover

5R: religion exam tomorrow

6: Quiz tomorrow

7: thermal energy book assessment due Thursday March 5th

8ES: Complete ckpt questions in notes packet, tentative exam dates: Tuesday 3/3 or Thursday 3/5

Ms. Russo- 2/25/20

5- be prepared with science waters of the world packet for tomorrow

5R: bring in printed doc of information and pictures for your brochures

6: complete 4 questions 

7: Read article on Google Classroom, answer quiz questions that follow on a flashcard due tomorrow

Also, your Thermal Energy Book Assessments will be due no later than Thursday March 5th

8ES: all science practice packets are due completed tomorrow if not done so already

Ms. Russo- 2/13/20

7: quiz tomorrow 

8ES: science quiz due signed tomorrow


*** Science Fair Information Will Be Distributed Tomorrow ***