Grade 5 Religion

Ms. Leone

Objective: The students will understand that we share Christ’s family of faith.


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Third Grade Writing

Third Grade Writing

Mrs. Roy

Objective: To learn that God the Father sent Jesus to be our Savior.

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Tall Tale Wheels

Fifth Grade-ELA

Ms. Colombo

After the 5th Grade studied the genre of Tall Tales and read Thunder Rose, they created their own tall tale wheel, expressing the main idea,  setting, their favorite part, and the most exaggerated part of Thunder Rose. Spin their wheel to reveal their work!

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Robert Frost Rearranged

Grade 7 ELA

Ms. Colombo

After the 7th Grade read and analyzed Robert Frost’s classic poem, The Road Not Taken”, they rearranged his words to make their own version of the poem.

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