Ms. Leone 5/15/20

Classwork for 5/15/20

Grade 8 SS- 

  • Beginnings of Civil Rights doc
    • Due 5/15 11:59 PM

Grade 7 SS- 

  • EDpuzzles: 
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • The Compromises of 1820 and 1850
    • Due by 3PM

Grade 6 SS-  

  • Mythology project
    • Due 5/22 by 3PM

Grade 5 SS –    

  • Explorers Project
    • Due 5/15 at 3PM





Ms. Leone 5/13/20

Classwork for 5/13/20

Grade 8 SS- 

  • EdPuzzles:
  • Martin Luther King JR. 
  • Rosa Parks
    • Due by 3PM

Grade 7 SS- 

  • Google Meets 9:30 AM
  • Trails in the West Doc
    • Due 5/13 by 3PM

Grade 6 SS-  

  • The Greek City-States doc
    • Due 5/14 by 8AM


Grade 5 SS –    

  • Google Meets 10AM
  • Explorers Project
    • Due 5/15 at 3PM





Ms. Leone 5/7/20

Classwork for 5/7/20

Grade 8 SS- 

  • Cold War Presentation posted
    • Doc #2 due by 3Pm

Grade 8 REL-

  • Chapter 10 Lesson 3 (project Grade)
    • Due: 5/8 by 3PM

Grade 7 SS- 

  • Edpuzzles: Cady Staton/Susan B. Antony
    •  Both due by 3PM

Grade 6 SS-  

  • Greece: A Mountainous land doc
    • Due 5/7 by 12 NOON

Grade 5 SS –    

  • Edpuzzle: Triangle Trade
    • Due by 3PM
  • Transatlantic Trade doc
    • Due by 3pm





Ms. Leone 5/4/20

Classwork for 5/4/20


Grade 8 SS- 

  • Edpuzzle: The Cold War
    • Due by 3PM

Grade 8 REL-

  • Chapter 10 Lesson 3 (project Grade)
    • Due: 5/8 by 3PM
  • Nurse Appreciation Day Card
    • due 5/5 at 3PM

Grade 7 SS- 

  • 2 Edpuzzles: Fredrick Douglass
    • Both due by 3PM

Grade 6 SS-  

  • Google Slide project: World Religions
    • Google MEETS 10:00 AM 
    • See schedule for your time
  • Edpuzzle: Ancient Greece
    • Due 5/5 by 3PM



Ms. Leone 4/24/20

Classwork for 4/24/20


Grade 8 SS- 


  •  WWII: Causes 
  • View the slide presentation and answer your Google doc notes 
  • notes Due 4/27 by 8AM



Grade 7 SS- 


  • EDpuzzle: Second Great Awakening
    • Due 4/24 by 3PM

  •  Second Great Awakening doc
    • Due by 5PM



Grade 6 SS-  


  • Message of Islam Doc
  • Due by 3pm




Grade 5 SS –    


  • Columbian Exchange predictions doc
  • Due by3PM



Ms. Leone 4/23/20

Classwork for 4/23/20


Grade 8 SS- 


  •  WWII: Causes 
  • View the slide presentation and answer your Google doc notes 
  • notes Due 4/27 by 8AM

Grade 8 REL-

 MY Faith Journal: Pandemic and My Faith

    • Google Meets 9:30AM
    • Only for those students scheduled for today

Grade 7 SS- 

  • Conflicts Over Land doc
  • Due 4/23 by 12 NOON

Grade 6 SS-  

  • Message of Islam doc
  • Due 4/24 by 3pm

Grade 5 SS –    

  • Google MEETS 10 AM
  • Columbian Exchange Predictions doc
  • due 4/24 3PM






Activities and Resources for Thursday, April 16th

Here are the activities and resources for today: 

Thursday, April 16
Theme: World Languages

Pre-K Activity Ideas

● World Music Dance Party. Have a dance party together! Start your party with music
that is familiar to your family/culture/heritage, then explore music in other genres,
cultures, and languages.

● Connect and Share. Call or video chat with a family member, classmate or friend. Share one of your favorite family activities or traditions, and ask them to share one of theirs. If they speak a language that you are not familiar with, ask them to teach you a few special words in their language, and vice versa.

Optional Online Resources for Pre-K Children

● Move your body and learn how to say “hello!” in different languages with this song from GoNoodle. When the song ends, practice the call and response from the song with your little one, and hear their favorite way to say “hello!”

● Join the 92nd Street Y for a Cuban Dance party to the music of Grammy-nominated
Pedrito Martinez. Consider watching a portion of the video, and creating your own
drums at home to play along!

Warm regards, 
Miss Kristen 



Spelling:  Write a sentence for High Frequency Words: alone, half, youngest, by.

                   Complete worksheet on High Frequency Words ABC Order.

Math:  Workbook pgs. 562-564

Religion:  Watch the Easter video posted in Google Classroom.

Science:  We will continue to learn about our Solar System.  Go on the internet and research “The Earth” to answer the questions on the worksheet provided in Google Classroom.  This activity is due Wednesday.


Spelling:  Write a sentence for High Frequency Words: many, daughters, their.

                   Complete More About Verbs worksheet in Google Classroom.

Math:  Lesson 8.5 Essential Question:  How can drawing a diagram help when solving           problems about length?    Do workbook pgs. 565-566

Religion:  Don’t forget we have a Google Meets at 11:00 today.  Make sure you have your relion book in front of you.

Science:  Reminder:  “The Earth” assignment is de tomorrow.

                                                      WISHING ALL OF YOU A

                                                    VERY HAPPY EASTER! 


Homework for the Week of March 30th


Monday,March 30th, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp. 519-522

MATH: “Indirect Measurement” pp. 523-524 in GO! Math Book 

**Don’t forget to log onto to view videos and further resources for each lesson. If you are having trouble logging in, please reach out to me:) 

**Just a  reminder to log onto Mathletics daily. I have assigned work for you to do on Mathletics throughout the week. All Mathletics assignments are due Friday, April 3rd. 

ELA: 3x each worksheet has been attached in google docs and assigned for today. Please complete the worksheet and send it back. 

**Keep up with all your work in Readers and Writers notebook!!!! This week we are reading the story “Cinderella”

*Don’t forget to log onto LexiaCore 5 this week for a minimum of 20-30 minutes per week. 

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp. 525-528

MATH: “Use Nonstandard Units to Measure Length” pp. 529-530 in GO! Math Book!

JOURNAL: All journal writing should be done in their GREEN journal notebook that will come home each Tuesday. 

Pretend that you in charge of planning a Spring picnic for your class. Plan a menu and write about what games and activities there will be.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp. 531-534 

MATH: “Make a Nonstandard Measuring Tool” pp. 535-536 in GO! Math Book

ELA: Put these first five spelling words into a sentence. Neatly! (All work should be done in your spelling notebook!) 

  1. eat
  2. dream
  3. sea
  4. treat
  5. each

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020:

MATH:  “Measure and Compare ” Classwork pp. 537-540 Homework: pp. 541-542 in GO! Math Book 

 ELA: Put these next five spelling words into a sentence. Neatly! (All work should be done in their spelling notebook!) 

6. beach

7. team

8. clean

9. please

10. lean

*Parents: give your child a spelling test tomorrow on all 10 words. Send the test through to me to be graded:)