Extended Day Program

OLMCA Extended Care Program

Program Highlights

Registration Fee: $25 (This will non-refundable will cover the cost of materials)

Morning Care: 7:15-7:55 No Fee if participating in the breakfast program

Afternoon Care: Dismissal – 6:00 PM See Options Below

Daily Program/ Rate: $25 (one child)

$35 (two children)

$45 (three children)

Weekly Special for 5 days:   $100 (one child)

$145 (two children)

$175 (three children)

Pick Up by 4:00 $10 per hour per child

After 4:00, regular daily rate will apply

Late Fees: $10 per 15 minutes you are late picking up your child.

Payments are to be made monthly. If another payment arrangement is needed, please contact the school office.

Any invoices not paid within a 2 month period are considered past due and as a result, access to the program may be denied.


Information about the Extended Day Program at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

Our Extended Day Program will be staffed by teachers and qualified personnel. They will assist the students in their completion of homework and supervise them in various play activities.

  • The Extended Day Program will begin on Monday, September 10. There is no
               Afternoon care on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, November 21
    • Friday, December 21
    • Wednesday, April 17
    • June: the two days preceding the last day of school

Important Notes:

  • Students should bring a snack each day. They may also bring a change of clothes. If a

student wishes to play in the gym, that student must be wearing sneakers.

  • A copy of your child’s Emergency Contact Card will be on file with the Extended Day

Care Program. Please update this information as needed.

  • The students are responsible for knowing their homework assignments and having the

correct books/materials, as they will not be allowed back into the classrooms after dismissal.

Children are to be picked up no later than 6:00 pm at the school’s side door. If you would like the program available to you in the event of an emergency, please sign and return

the Parental Permission/ Extended Day Program Agreement along with the $25 registration fee. The form will be kept on file.  It implies no obligation.