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If you would like to order online from Scholastic, our class code is TQNT7


  1. Advent Packet due Friday, December 14th.
  2. Please bring in a box of candy canes by Thursday, December 13th for our candy cane grams fundraiser.
  3. Math Quiz (Multiplication of decimals) Thursday, December 13th




  • Vocabulary (blue book) pages 50 and 51
  • Go Math ! Pages 259 and 260
  • Math Quiz (Multiplication of Decimals) on Thursday, December 13th



  • Math questions 1-16 in math notebook (review of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and rounding decimals)
  • Social Studies Packet (Olmec and Maya) page 173: Questions 5 in SS notebook and “Link to Science” Paragraph on loose leaf.
  • Religion Advent packet due Friday, December 14th
  • Inspirational Quote in religion notebook
  • Religion workbook: Read pages 155 – 159. On page 158, read the “We Respond” at the bottom of the page.  Create your own prayer and type it up. We will pray together on Monday and then hang our prayers up in our hallway in celebration of Advent. 




  • Scholastic News: Questions 1-10 on page 16
  • Math Question I-P in math notebook



  • Social Studies Packet. Page 173: Answer questions 3 and 4 in your SS notebook
  • Math questions a-h in your math notebook
  • ELA red workbook pages 71-72



  • Math Worksheet: Multiplication of Decimals
  • Vocabulary (blue book) pages 46-49
  • Social Studies Packet: page 173. Answer questions 1 and 2 in your SS notebook



  • Go Math! pages 249 and 250
  • Social Studies Packet pages 172-173: Review questions
  • Study for vocabulary unit 4. Test tomorrow 12/4
  • ELA Reader and Writer’s notebook pages 69-70



  • Math worksheets: estimating, rounding, and multiplying decimals
  • Study for vocab unit 4 (blue book) Test Tuesday
  • Using vocab (blue book) unit 4, create one sentence of your own for each vocabulary word.
  • Social Studies packet. Answer review questions from pages 169-171 in your social studies notebook.



  • Multiplying decimals worksheet
  • ELA red workbook pages 65 and 68
  • Read Social Studies packet on The Olmec and Maya and complete the lesson 2 note worksheet.



  • Math review questions on estimating and rounding decimals (in math notebook)
  • Reading Street textbook page 100. Question 5
  • Blue Vocabulary workbook pages 44-45
  • Study for math quiz tomorrow
  • Study your lines for the Christmas play!



  • Go Math! workbook page 238
  • Study for quiz on estimating and rounding decimals
  • ELA workbook pages 64 and 66
  • Reading Street textbook page 100, Question 4
  • Religion Workbook page 30 (Due Thursday)



  • Go Math! workbook book 234 and 235 (Multiplying decimals)
  • ELA textbook page 100: Answer questions 2 and 3 in your ELA notebook
  • Religion workbook pages 26 – 27



  • Go Math! workbook pages 156, 172, 205, and 206
  • ELA Reading Street: Read “Island of the Blue Dolphins.” (Page 89)
  • In your ELA notebook, answer the Question of the  Week on page 89 and Question 1 on page 100.
  • ELA Reading Street page 102 – On loose leaf, complete the Writing Prompt. Writing an Invitation. Follow the model on page 103.
  • Blue Vocabulary workbook pages 42 and 43.




  • Estimation Word Problems worksheet
  • Scholastic Worksheets – “Thanksgiving Traditions” and “What’s on Your List?”



  • Blue vocabulary workbook pages 40 and 41
  • Math worksheets: Word problems and rounding
  • Make a Venn Diagram in your ELA notebook. Topic: Life as an NNL player vs. life as a white baseball player during Satchel Paige’s lifetime. 



  • Go Math! workbook pages 187, 188, and 194
  • ELA Reader’s and Writer’s notebook pages 62 and 63
  • Blue Vocabulary Workshop workbook pages 38 and 39
  • Study for Satchel Paige test
  • Write the definition and 1 sentence for each of the following words: Windup, confidence, fastball, mocking, outfield, weakness, and unique/ 



  • Go Math! pages 191 and 193
  • ELA Reading Street pages 132 and 133. Newsletter article writing prompt on looseleaf. May be neatly handwritten or typed. Must be at least 2 paragraphs. Be prepared to present tomorrow.
  • Vocabulary test tomorrow on Unit 3 (blue workbook)



  • ELA workbook pages 80 and 81
  • Math worksheets (rounding and adding and subtracting decimals)
  • Social Studies Chapter 2 – Lesson 1: page 80 questions 2, 3, and 4



  • Go Math! pages 171 and 173
  • Finish researching for your NNL player and bring in your research tomorrow. Be prepared to finish your google slides presentation.
  • Page 33 – Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop



  • Complete your biography about the Catholic saint you chose and submit on Tuesday, November 13th.
  • Go Math! pages 202 and 203
  • Blue Vocabulary Workshop: pages 31, 32, 34, and 35. Do not do the writing prompt at the bottom of page 35.



  • Reading Street textbook page 130: questions 4 and 5
  • Go Math! pages 199 and 200. Do not estimate at the top of page 199. Answer all other questions.
  • Study for our Social Studies Chapter 1 test tomorrow 



  • Science Textbook: Page 197 questions 1-3/Page 201 questions 1 and 6
  • Vocabulary Workshop (blue workbook) Unit 3 pages 26-30
  • Go Math! workbook pages 197 and 198



  • Science Vocabulary: Find the science vocab definitions and paste each box into your science notebook.
  • Math “patient checkup” worksheet
  • Reading Street page 130 question #3



  • Social Studies Early Peoples – Study Packet
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Subject and Predicate review worksheet
  • Study for Social Studies vocab quiz Tuesday



  • Study for: Comparing and ordering decimals quiz on Friday, November 2nd.
  • Complete questions a – k “comparing and ordering decimals” in your math notebook.
  • Social Studies textbook page 73: Choose one topic from the “Write About History” box and answer on looseleaf. Be prepared to present your ideas to the class. Must be at least 1 paragraph. Don’t forget to use expanded sentences and details.
  • Social Studies packet due Monday.


  • Math Questions for 11/1 Homework:
  • Order the numbers from greatest to least:a 7.56, 7.50, 7.67, 7.86b 5.1, 5.01, 5.25, 5.52c 3.01, 3.60, 3.75, 4.0Order from least to greatestd 3.86, 3.95, 3.45, 3.99e 2.110, 2.152, 2.166f 9.013, 9.200, 9.002, 0.209g. Write a number greater than 36.42. Write a number less than 36.42.Compare using <, >, or =h 40.2 ___ 40.02I 0.365 ___ 0.345j 8.31 __ 8.132k 6.21 __ 6.215



  • Go Math! Workbook pages 176, 177, 182, and 183. (Do not do number 6 on pages 177 and 183.)
  • Have a safe and fun Halloween!



  • Potential and Kinetic Energy worksheet
  • Social Studies vocabulary words: Write the definition and a sentence for each word in your social studies notebook: 
  • Ice Age

  • slavery

  • glacier

  • tribute

  • migrate

  • empire

  • theory

  • pyramid

  • artifact

  • specialize

  • archaeologist

  • surplus

  • ceremony

  • civilization

  • mesa

  • drought

  • Go Math! page 168
  • Comparing and Ordering Decimals worksheet



  • ELA textbook: In your ELA notebook, answer questions 1 and 2 on page 130.
  • Science Textbook: Read pages 182-193 and, in your science notebook, answer questions 1-3 on pages: 185, 189, and 193.
  • Go Math! workbook pages 166 and 167.



  • Research a Catholic saint. Find 8 facts about your saint and write them down in your religion notebook.
  • Don’t forget to bring a bag of candy for our trick-or-treaters! 
  • Inspirational quote in the back of your religion notebook.



  • Social Studies Worksheets: 1. Cause and Effect  2. Climograph
  • Math Workbook: pages 179, 180, 185, and 186 (Addition and Subtraction review)
  • Study for your Vocab test (tomorrow) Unit 2 – Level Blue



  • Study for tomorrow’s math test: Adding and subtracting decimals, place value of decimals, “first and last name” of decimals, and exponents and powers of ten.
  • Study for Thursday’s vocabulary test. Use Sadlier Connect website to review Level Blue – Unit 2.
  • Answer number 1-5 below to study for your math test:
  • 1.) 765.86 – 23.98
  •  2.) 82.12 – 54.45
  • 3.) 42.135 + 65.150
  • 4.) In the future, scientists expect humans to live on Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto.  They calculated that 1.34 million people will live on Jupiter, 1.18 million people will live on Mars, and 0.30 million people will live on Pluto. Will more people live on Jupiter or on Mars and Pluto COMBINED?
  • 5.) It rained for two days in a row in Ireland. Rainfall measured 0.24 inches and 0.39 inches. What was the total rainfall over the two days?



  • Subject and Predicate worksheet
  • Decimals math packet
  • Study for tomorrow’s Thunder Rose Exam Part II: Writing portion, vocabulary, and subject and predicate identification.



  • Current events
  • Inspirational Quote



  • Subject and Predicate worksheet
  • Go Math! workbook page 162 and problems 1-5 in your math notebook
  1. ) Jeremy competed in a 50-meter freestyle swimming event. His finishing time was 31.26 seconds. What is the value of the digit 6 in Jeremy’s time?
  • Write the “first and last name” of the following numbers. Then write the place value of the italicized digit.

       2.) 0.652

       3.) 2.183

       4.) 0.893

       5.) 45.361



  • Using your Thunder Rose vocabulary handout, write one sentence for each of the following words: veins, lullaby, pitch, thieving, constructed, branded, daintily, resourceful, devastation. Write one sentence for each word in your ELA notebook.
  • Answer math word problems 1-3 in your math notebook.
  • You will have part 1 of your Thunder Rose assessment (reading comprehension) on Thursday, October 18th.
  • Part 2 of your Thunder Rose assessment (Vocabulary, written response, and simple and complete subjects and predicates will be on Tuesday, October 23.



  • Go Math! workbook pages 160 & 161



  • Current Events: Please print your article and summarize in a paragraph or by using the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” outline.
  • Find and write your weekly inspirational quote in the back of your religion notebooks.
  • Please bring back all tests and quizzes signed (mandatory) and with test corrections (optional.) Signed tests are counted towards your grade.
  • Good job testing this week! Thank you all for working so hard! Have a magical weekend!



  • Find and write down an inspirational quote in your religion notebook. 
  • Current events: Find read a current events article and summarize it using the who, what, when, where, and why format. 


  • Identifying Variables worksheet
  • Decimals (first and last name) worksheet
  • Study for Scientific Method quiz (know the steps in order)
  • Review Plot study guide



  • Go Math! Workbook pages 158 & 159 
  • Blue vocabulary book pages 22 & 23
  • Study for scientific method quiz Friday



  • Decimal Place Value worksheet
  • ELA workbook pages 53 & 54 (Including the ‘friendly letter’ assignment)


  • Go Math! workbook pages 152 & 153
  • Science variables worksheet
  • Read “Thunder Rose” (pg 57 in Reading Street) and answer the question of the week in your ELA notebook. “How can nature challenge us?”



  • Find and write down an inspiration quote in the back of your religion notebook.
  • Write down five questions you would ask if you had a chance to sit down and interview God.
  • Current Events: Find and read an current news story. Summarize the article using “who, what, when, where, and why?”
  • Type or neatly write your personal narrative essay. Include a cover page with a picture, title, and author (you!).



  • Complete decimals chart in notebook. Organize decimals from least to greatest.
  • Go Math! workbooks pages 150 and 151.
  • Vocabulary books pages 20 & 21. 
  • Finish your early peoples diorama. Attach an index card or small piece of paper describing your scene. Make sure your index card begins with a proper heading. 


Homework 9.25.18

  • Math questions 1-6 in math notebook. Study for exponents and powers of 10 quiz tomorrow. 
  • Study for quiz on plot (tomorrow 9/26)
  • Use your Personal Narrative graphic organizer to write an introduction and have your prewriting ideas listed in your ELA notebook so that you will be focused and organized when we begin writing our first draft in class tomorrow. In your introduction, be sure to hook your reader! We can hook our readers by using onomatopoeia, dialogue, a question, or an interesting setting description.
  • Write your introduction to your personal narrative on a piece of loose leaf with a proper heading.


Homework 9.24.18

  • Math questions 1-8 in notebook. Write in expanded form and solve. Show your work.
  • Study for exponents and powers of 10 quiz on Wednesday.
  • Study for Plot from the notes and handouts in your ELA notebook. Quiz on plot will be on Wednesday, 9/26.
  • Blue Vocab book pages 16-19.
  • Religion WB pages R1-R6.
  • Continue working on your Social Studies diorama due Friday, 9/28.


Homework 9.21.18

  • Begin brainstorming ideas for your Social Studies diorama. Possible groups you can research and base your project on are: The Mound Builders, the Anasazi, Inuit, Aztecs, Inca, Maya, Iroquois, Cheyenne, or Hopi.
  • Your ideas should be recorded in your Social Studies notebook.
  • Our dioramas are due Friday, September 28th.
  • Be ready to share your inspirational quote of the week (religion notebook.) 


Homework 9.20.19

  • ELA worksheets: “The Lion and the Mouse” and “Red Kayak Station Boxes.”
  • Math problems 1-12 in math notebook. Show all your work.
  • Complete page 14 in religion workbook. 
  • Cover Social Studies textbook, Reading Street textbook, and religion workbook. Please make sure your name and number is clearly written on all of your books!! 📚 


Homework 9.19.19

  • Complete Math Exponent Chart using the examples we did together in class.
  • Study for our Red Kayak test tomorrow. Review your notes in your ELA notebook. Study character, plot, the vocabulary from the story, and the 4 types of sentences we learned about. 
  • Cover your Reading Street textbook with contact paper or a book sleeve. 


Homework 9.18.19

  • ELA worksheet. Types of Sentences & Using Evidence from Red Kayak
  • Go Math! Pages 27&28


Homework 9.17.18

  • Practice quiz on Sadler Connect – Level Blue. Study Unit 1 vocal for quiz tomorrow (Tuesday)
  • Go Math! workbook pages 25 & 26.
  • Red ELA Writer’s Workbook pages 42 & 43.
  • Study for Red Kayak test on Thursday! Use the outline given out today as a reference for what will be on the test.
  • Great work on your charity proposals today. You all did a wonderful job!


Homework 9.14.18

  • Math take home quiz.
  • Vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, September 18th. Study for Unit 1 – Level Blue vocabulary quiz and finish the unit 1 pages if you have not already done so during your group sessions.  Follow this link and use the activities to help you prepare for the quiz: Sadlier Connect Level Blue
  • Research up to 2 charities you would like to hold fundraisers for.  Write a proposal on loose leaf to present to the class on Monday. Your proposal should be a paragraph which answers the following: Who does this charity help, how do they help, what is their charity rating, and why you think this charity is important. Below are the links to the charity rating websites we used in class. Try to choose charities with at least an A- rating overall.
  • Don’t forget to bring in an inspirational quote!
  • Have a fun weekend! I’m very proud of all of you. We had a great first full week together. See you on Monday!


Homework 9.13.18

  • Go Math! Workbook pages 11 & 12
  • ELA Reading Street textbook page 42 questions 1 & 5
  • Science Safety Poster due tomorrow!! 


Homework 9.12.18

  • Go Math! workbook pages 7 & 8. 
  • ELA workbook page 40
  • Scientific Method worksheet
  • Continue brainstorming ideas for and creating your science safety posters (Due Friday)


Homework 9.11.18

  • Go Math! workbook pages 3 & 4
  • Vocabulary workbook read pages 6 & 7 and answer questions on pages 8-10
  • Begin brainstorming ideas for your science safety poster project due Friday, September 14.


Homework 9.10.18

  • In your ELA notebook, write your vocabulary words 3 times each and use each in a sentence.
  • Math: Place Value Review worksheet.
  • Type or neatly write your final draft of your “The Best Part of Me” poems.


School Uniform Reminder

Grade 5-8 Winter Boys: (October 16th- April 30th)
• Belt with Navy Pants
• Shirts: White Button Down Collar (Long or Short Sleeves) with Plaid Tie or White Turtleneck with school
• Navy, Black, or White Crew Socks
• Sweaters (all with school logo): Navy V-Neck Cardigan, Navy V-Neck Pullover
• Sweater, Navy V-Neck Sweater Vest, Navy Polar Fleece
• Shoes: Uniform shoes are stocked by Flynn & O’Hara or Da Bar Too Shoe Store

✱ All Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times. ✱

Grade 5-8 Winter Girls: (October 16th- April 30th)
• A white (non Peter-Pan ) collar blouse, school vest, and tie with a Black Watch Plaid Wrap Around Kilt
(Knee Length). Navy Opaque Stockings or Navy/White Knee Highs
• White Turtleneck with school logo with a Black Watch Plaid Wrap Around Kilt (Knee Length). Navy
Opaque Stockings or Navy/White Knee Highs
• A white (non Peter-Pan ) collar blouse, school vest, and tie with Navy Dress Slacks. White or Navy Crew
• White Turtleneck with school logo with Navy Dress Slacks. White or Navy Crew Socks
✱Please keep in mind that all skirts must allow for growth throughout the year.✱

✱ All Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times. ✱

Sweaters (all with school logo): Navy V-Neck Sweater Vest or Navy Polar Fleece
Shoes: Uniform shoes (with a strap or shoe laces) are to be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara or
Da Bar Too Shoe Store
Grades 5-8 Acceptable Jewelry
• Small Simple Earrings (plain studs or hoops only)
• One chain tucked inside blouse/shirt
• One Ring
• One Watch

✱No Bracelets or Sweatbands are to be worn✱
Grades 5-8 Make-up: The following is NOT permitted;
• FACIAL Makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.)
• Nail Polish/Fake Nails
• Colored or Bleached Hair
Makeup, lip gloss, nail tips, colored nail polish, rings (other than class ring),bracelets, and anything of similar
nature are not allowed. The same policy is in effect on Dress Down and Gym days.
Clear nail polish is permitted


Medieval Times Field Trip: October 19, 2018


October 18, 2018

Medieval Times Field Trip

Dear Parents,

Students may bring a small bag for water and other necessities for tomorrow’s trip.  Students may not bring cell phones.  If time permits, we may be able to visit the gift shop. If you would like to send some money with your child to visit the gift shop, you may do so. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Orlov



Dear Parents,

It was wonderful meeting you on back to school night. For those of you who were unable to attend, I have sent home an informational packet for your reference which includes a photo release form. Please sign and return this form by Monday, September 17th. Furthermore, please email me at and include your child’s name in the subject line. I will then send you a link to join the two communication apps we will be using this year: Class Dojo and ClassTag.

Have a blessed weekend,

Mrs. Orlov



Welcome to Mrs. Orlov’s 5th grade class!  I am so excited for the upcoming year!  I can already tell we are going to have a wonderful school year together full of exciting adventures.

Please be advised that we dismiss at 2 pm every Wednesday.

All homework, projects, and tests will be posted here on our class webpage.

Every weekend, you are required to:

  1. Find, read, and print a news article from a reliable source which covers a current event.  Please print the article and attach it to a piece of loose-leaf paper on which you summarize the article using the outline: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How (if applicable.)
  2. Find an inspirational quote and write it down in the back of your religion notebook.  Be prepared to share this quote with the class and be able to explain what this quote means to you and how you think we could live by this quote in our classroom and school community.  Each week, we will vote on an inspirational quote to be our “quote of the week” which we will live by.
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