Ms. Russo- 12/6/19

Posted on December 6, 2019

5: webquests should be submitted by tonight, 2 paragraphs GoogleClassroom submission by Monday! 

Religion 5: finish cw pg 44 poem, read 45-49 & do coordinating activity 

6: Quiz Tuesday, see google classroom tomorrow for more examples aside from those mentioned in class

7: Quiz Tuesday 

8ES: Quiz tuesday


Posted on December 4, 2019

5: work on Engineering Career assignment

          Rel: Angel’s will be due fri 

          8ES: complete slides 

Ms. Russo 12/3

Posted on December 3, 2019

5 religion: ch 3 terms in nb
8ES: signed test

Ms. Russo- 11/25/19

Posted on November 25, 2019

5R: religion exam tomorrow. Science5: signed quiz

6: Cell project assessment due tomorrow, Plant vs Animal Cell Lab due tomorrow & signed quiz

8ES: exam tomorrow, TC Review Key posted on Google Classroom (REMEMBER TO KNOW YOUR ESRT CHARTS!**)

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