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Mrs. Michelle Beadle

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6th Grade Schedule
Math Curriculum 2019
Back to School Night 2019-2020

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All students in grades 5-8 should go on Mathletics daily. Each student must earn a minimum of 4 Mathletics certificates each trimester. Assignments are also periodically given on Khan Academy. 100% mastery for grade-level coursework is a year-end goal, so students are expected to work towards this by attempting any work with a percentages less than 100.

Work must be shown on all written homework assignments for full credit.

Image result for calendar iconScheduled Assessments & Projects (subject to change, so please check regularly)

Grade 5 Math

  • Friday, 11/1 Quiz on modeling decimal addition

Grade 6 Math

  • Thursday, 11/7  Quiz on percent of a number and converting percent from decimals & fractions

Grade 6 Religion


Grade 7 Math

  • Thursday, 11/7  Quiz on finding scale factors

Grade 8 Math

  • Wednesday, 11/6  Quiz on geometric reflection


Mrs. Beadle HW 12/6

Posted on December 6, 2019

Grades 6-8, please complete and color the mystery coordinate graph activity sheet you were given today. Make sure everything is correctly plotted and neatly colored in for full credit. [due Tuesday]

Grade 5: complete decimal ornaments

Mrs. Beadle HW 12/4

Posted on December 4, 2019

Grade 7

  • A & B from Lesson 1 packet (classwork)


Mrs. Beadle HW 12/2

Posted on December 2, 2019

The trimester ends today, if you did not complete any work on Mathletics, Khan Academy, or on Google Classroom, you have until the end of the day to do so.

Grade 5

  • worksheet from class

Grade 6

  • any unfinished work

Grade 7

  • Integers hw sheet
    • complete “notes” sheet if you did not do so earlier

Grade 8

  • Congruent Figures worksheet


Mrs. Beadle HW 11/27

Posted on November 27, 2019

Grade 5

  • Decimals +/- Word Problems Digital Task Cards on Google Classroom
  • Mathletics

Grade 6

  • What Does It Cost? slides on Google Classroom
  • Mathletics

Grade 7

  • Scale Factor assignments on Khan Academy
  • Mathletics

Grade 8

  • Transformations Google Form task on Classroom
    • remember to use the hard copy we worked on in class today to help you
  • Mathletics

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