Home Academy Association (HAA)


The mission of the Home Academy Association is to support and enrich the educational endeavors of the academy. Through fundraising, teacher recognition, support, and school improvements, the organization works to promote a connection from home to academy.


Executive Board

  • Silvana Chan- President
  • Drea Iny- Vice-President
  • Paula Deist-Secretary
  • Biviana Giraldo- Treasurer

Support the HAA

The Home Academy Association has lots of great ways for you to support our students and community:

  • Join a Committee (see below) 
  • Volunteer your time for an event (see calendar)
  • Offer a personal service: Do you or someone you know have experience with communications, accounting, data entry, design, crafting, etc.? OLMCA may be able to make use of your skill set. 
  • Be a Class Parent: Our Parent guidelines welcome multiple parents to help support classroom needs. 
  • Join monthly meetings (see calendar)
  • Make a donation

OLMCA Committees

Shares and develops plans to reduce the school’s global footprint and preserve the natural environment. Considers ways to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency for our school and the planet. Includes managing the Uniform Exchange Program, which recycles donated uniforms.

Considers ways to supports diversity, culture and inclusion for all events and activities. Includes strategy for “International Market” event.

Works closely with Principal and Board to communicate news and information within the school, as well as and externally.

Manages fundraising strategy and planning with Principal and Event sub committees. Includes Box Tops, Pizza/Pretzel and Dress Downs.

Considers ways to implement mindfulness of healthy living throughout the school community through nutrition, exercise, mental wellness, etc.

Does things to help people feel better. Includes welcoming new families and becoming their “buddy, writing notes, gifts, and executing small tokens of appreciation within our school community, especially those who have experienced a life change.

Works with Ms. McCann to manage and communicate event calendar, as well as partners with point person for each event subcommittee for  planning and logistics. Supports event strategy and development of ideas for event success.

Helps connect and engage the men and fathers, grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, etc. in school community.

Helps define and the vision and mission for OLMCA, including meeting spiritual wellness (i.e. attending mass, supporting church events, parish and community).

Please Note: All volunteers must first complete Virtus Training.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes