Homework for the week of March 30th!

Monday,March 30th, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp.519-522

MATH: “Indirect Measurement” pp. 523-524 in GO! Math Book 

**Don’t forget to log onto thinkcentral.com to view videos and further resources for each lesson. If you are having trouble logging in, please reach out to me:) 

**Just a  reminder to log onto Mathletics daily. I have assigned work for you to do on Mathletics throughout the week. All Mathletics assignments are due Friday, April 3rd. 

ELA: 3x each worksheet has been attached in google docs and assigned for today. Please complete the worksheet and send it back. 

*Don’t forget to log onto LexiaCore 5 this week for a minimum of 20-30 minutes per week. 

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp. 525-528

MATH: “Use Nonstandard Units to Measure Length” pp. 529-530 in GO! Math Book

JOURNAL: All journal writing should be done in their GREEN journal notebook that will come home each Tuesday. 

Pretend that you are in charge of planning a Spring picnic for your class. Plan a menu and write about what games and activities there will be.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020:

Math Classwork: pp. 531-534

MATH: “Make a Nonstandard Measuring Tool” pp. 535-536 in GO! Math Book! 

ELA: Put these first five spelling words into a sentence. Neatly! (All work should be done in your spelling notebook!) 

  1. eat
  2. dream
  3. sea
  4. treat
  5. each

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020:

MATH: “Measure and Compare”

Classwork pp. 537-540

Homework: pp. 541-542 in GO! Math Book 


 ELA: Put these next five spelling words into a sentence. Neatly! (All work should be done in their spelling notebook!) 

6. beach

7. team

8. clean

9. please

10. lean

*Parents: give your child a spelling test tomorrow on all 10 words. Send them through to me to be graded:)