June 8th

Today’s activity will be to read What Do You Do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada.
 Here are a list of questions  for comprehension:
  Level 1: Recall 
At the beginning of the book the boy walked away from the idea. Why did he do that? What did the idea do? How did the boy take care of the idea? Why did the boy decide to take care of the idea? What happened to the idea when the boy began to take care of it?
 Level 2: Skill/Concept 
What is an idea? Where do ideas come from? 
Level 3: Strategic Thinking 
What does the idea in this book look like? Why do you think the illustrator made the idea look this way? Is that what all ideas look like? Think about a good idea you have had. Tell a partner about this idea. What can you do if someone else does not like your idea?  
  Level 4: Extended Thinking 
How do you know if an idea is good? How can ideas change the world? What if you don’t like someone else’s idea?  
Stay Safe,
Ms. Josephine