November Kindergarten News

Posted on November 3, 2020






Kindergarten has been busy learning about the four seasons, as we experience first hand the changes all around us during this season of fall.

We will be reading about the Pilgrims trip on the Mayflower and how they survived their first year in Plymouth with the help of their Native American Wampanoag friends. The class will also be taking a video tour of the Wampanoag and Plymouth Village after a look on board the Mayflower. The children will be amazed to see how many changes have taken place over the years, including how the Thanksgiving feast today compares to that of the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

In religion the class has been focusing on the many gifts God has given us, especially our families. The children have been thinking of ways they can say thank you to God for their many blessings. This will tie in with all of our Thanksgiving lessons.

The class continues to build on their reading skills with the addition of each new letter studied.  They continue to work on realistic fiction and are learning how to describe the plot and settings of a story.

We are busy during our math lessons as well, using a variety of manipulatives to represent numbers and model ways to make numbers to ten.

The children are already getting excited about the coming Christmas holiday. We will be preparing by learning about the season of Advent, a time of waiting and anticipation of the birth of Jesus.

October News

Posted on October 2, 2020



The kindergarten class has been making great strides these past 4 weeks and we are now officially in fall/Halloween mode!  We are comparing the change in seasons and have been learning about apples and pumpkins and will be learning about their life cycles.  We are now using ipads in the classroom to review letters and letter sounds, and soon we will be using the iReady App to help us with both our reading and math lessons.  

Learning how to count and write numbers from 0-5 has kept us busy in our math lessons and we will continue to count on to larger numbers each week.  In our reading lessons we are writing letters Mm, Tt, Aa, Ss and are writing and drawing pictures for each of these letters.  The class is also being introduced to realistic fiction books and stories in our ELA class, which they really seem to enjoy.  We read all about a day at the apple orchard which many of the children were able to add their own experiences to the story.

In our religion lessons we are learning about how God created the world and the children completed a project showing what they liked to do during the day and the night.  

We will be spending the next few weeks working on fun Halloween activities.  Life is going on as normal as possible in our kindergarten room and the children have been doing a great job wearing their masks, washing and sanitizing their hands through out the day and they are really trying their best to social distance!  

September News for Kindergarten

Posted on September 13, 2020

This school year began as no other year due to all of the new rules, regulations and procedures brought about by Covid -19, however, the kindergarten students were still quite enthusiastic about being back in the classroom.  On our first day we read, “The Kissing Hand”, and talked about how we felt that morning as we got to school.  Most of the children felt happy, some felt sad, and some understandably felt a little scared, but I’m glad to report that all of the children were happy by the end of the day and excited to be coming back.

This month we will be spending time learning more about each other as the children share their, “All About Me” assignment.  We will also be doing quite a bit of review as we work on our handwriting, as well as number and letter skills.  

It’s apple season so we will be exploring the life cycle of an apple, while having some fun with apple crafts and of course learning all about the legend of John Chapman, better know as Johnny Appleseed!


Homework 3/9-12

Posted on March 10, 2020


Reading- draw & label  4 pictures that begin with “Q”;

Phonics- ws

Math- pgs. 457-458


Handwriting- pg. 69

Phonics- ws

Math- pgs. 463-464

Vocabulary- write wds 3x each in nb:  any, come, play

WEDNESDAY  **Pizza Day/ 1:55 PM Dismissal

Reading- cut & glue 4 pictures that begin with “q”;

Phonics- ws

Math- pgs. 469-470


Handwriting- pg. 70

Phonics- ws

Math- pgs. 475-476

**Remember to review all vocabulary words each night.

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