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Ms. Ann Quinlivan, School Librarian

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Library Mission Statement: The Our Lady of Mercy School Library is dedicated to helping students become independent readers, thinkers, and researchers; encouraging a genuine and lifelong love of reading; and fostering the 21st Century information literacy skills students will need to be productive and successful members of society. Our students will be able to access, evaluate, and use information effectively and to utilize the inquiry process (connect, wonder, investigate, construct, express, reflect) in all areas of the curriculum, as well as for their own personal information needs.

Library Schedule

Monday:  Nursery and 8th Grade Library

Tuesday:  Mrs. K’s UPK, Miss Margaret’s UPK, and 4th Grade Library

Wednesday:  Miss Brittany’s UPK, Ms. Josephine’s UPK, and 7th Grade Library

Thursday:  1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, and 5th Grade Library

Friday:  Kindergarten and 6th Grade Library; 4th and 5th Grade Research/Creative Writing Class

Online Databases

Encyclopedia Brittanica has detailed, accurate articles on many subjects. You can choose to find information on an Elementary, Middle, or High School Level. Click on this image, and then click on Use My Location, to access Encyclopedia Brittanica articles from anywhere in New York State for free!
Gale Databases provide access to many online newspaper and magazine articles. Click on the link, and then click on Use My Location, to access these articles from anywhere in New York State for free!








 Cambodian School Library Update

Thanks to everyone who contributed to last year’s Book Drive and Dress-Down Day to help us send books to Helping Hands School in Cambodia!  Thanks to your generous support, I was able to provide Helping Hands with many wonderful books for their new and improved School Library.  The children were very grateful!  

Here are some pictures of this amazing school and it’s even more amazing students: