Mrs. Beadle Week of 3/30-4/3

Below is just a quick overview of this week’s daily assignments/topics for MATH. Please refer to your child’s Google Classroom for details. Some days require multiple tasks per assignment.

Grade 5

  • Monday: Fractions Pre-Assessment
  • Tuesday: Comparing Fractions Review
  • Wednesday: Equivalent Fractions Review
  • Thursday: Class Meeting at 10AM AND Add/Subtract Fractions Part 1 (due Friday)
  • Friday:  Fluency Friday (Khan Academy)

Reminder that your All About Me Project is due on Monday 3/30

Grade 6

  • Monday: Ordering Rational Numbers Review video lesson & notes AND The Last Supper (religion)
  • Tuesday:  Compare and Order Rational Numbers Nearpod AND Jesus Prays in the Garden (religion)
  • Wednesday: Class Meeting at 10AM AND Jesus Dies on the Cross
  • Thursday: Rational Numbers assessment 
  • Friday:  Fluency Friday (Khan Academy)

Thursday 4/2 – Rational Number assessment

Grade 7

  • Monday: Class Meeting at 9:30 and Translating Verbal Inequalities notes
  • Tuesday: GO Math lesson 7.2
  • Wednesday: Solving Two-Step Inequalities 
  • Thursday:  Solving Two-Step Inequalities Day 2
  • Friday:  Fluency Friday (Khan Academy)

Wednesday 4/8- Equations and Inequalities test

Grade 8

  • Monday: Class Meeting at 10:15- Review for assessment
  • Tuesday: Functions, Domain and Range assessment via Google Form
  • Wednesday: Comparing Functions
  • Thursday:  Analyzing Graphs
  • Friday:  Fluency Friday (Khan Academy)

Functions, Domain and Range assessment on March 31