Ms. Leone 12/2/19


GRADE 8 ONLY-  Christmas stocking was due on 12/2 This is a stocking for the students to hang, something that’s theirs, a personal touch, to make our classroom a warm environment for the Christmas season.🙂

8th Grade policy/Guidelines handout is due signed and returned.

Permission slips for our Christmas play slips are due. 


Grade 8 REL- Chrismon Tree Project due 12/6 (partners are allowed, Must be approved by me by 11/27)

                           HW:  Ginger Bread Ornament for our classroom door. (Make it resemble you) 

Grade 8 SS – Chapter 18; Lesson 4 and 5 notes due on 12/3 (I will check the during class that day)

Grade 7 SS – Exam Chapter 3 on 12/5

Grade 6 SS- Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 3 Egypt on 12/6 (WB packet 17)