Ms. Leone 2/24/20

Dear Parents and Students,

Please check this site each night. I will be using this as a platform for the students to see what their work will consist of each day. My classes are all on Google Classrooms. SS will continue to run as it has all year.  Work will be in their Google Classrooms/Google slides etc. 

GRADING– Starting  3/23 -I will begin to grade assignments as I would if we were still at OLMCA during school hours.  

OPTION C- please check Option C daily to see if any assignments are missing. Students may be doing their work but NOT TURNING IT IN. All work  (if required) must be turned in to the Google Classroom so I can count/grade it.  Please double check (daily).

LATE WORK POLICY: If your assignment is marked on Option C as missing please make up your work  and email me separately letting me know that you have turned in your work. (It is the students’ responsibility to let me know when their late work is complete)

Edpuzzle: Please make sure to VIEW AND WATCH your edpuzzle. This program logs in if you have viewed it, how much you have watched, and at what time. ( I can see everything)


We will have our first live virtual class on Wednesday, March 25th. At that time we will be discussing online class expectations and requirements. I will provide an invitation to the class the day of. Please come prepared. That means you need to have a device (laptop, ipad, phone, etc.) something to take notes– pen/paper/notebook. You should sign in a few minutes early. Our class will officially begin at 9:30 AM– prompt! When you log in you must click the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to MUTE yourself. There is a chat area on the right of your screen to ask questions. That is where you will be asking questions and I will answer for everyone to hear. If I call on you, then you may un-mute your mic and talk to the group. Please make sure to follow these directions so our class time runs smoothly. I look forward to “seeing” all of you.

I can be reached at from 8AM-3PM Monday through Friday if you should need any further assistance. 

Ms Leone


Parents here is at Home access to ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, and Reading IQ for families to use





Classwork for 3/25/20

Grade 8 SS- The Great Depression: The Dust Bowl.  


  • A  Doc was uploaded on 3/19. It  explained all three parts and the deadlines. 
  • This is a project based learning assignment. 
  • Part III: due 3/25 by 3pm



Grade 7 SS- 


  • CHP 8 (only) Use your Key terms and people from the list we created in class to create a creative well thought out Story. (about 3 paragraphs)
  • Please use the words and people in their proper context that demonstrate your understanding of the meaning of the words. 
  • Please highlight all the words in the story.   
  • Due: 3/26  by 12 noon     
  • Will be Graded                        



Grade 6 SS-  

    • Edpuzzle: Buddha & Jesus due 3/25 by 3PM


  • Please take notes.
  • Make a list of the similarities between these two religions
  • Save this list for tomorrow! You will need it!



Grade 5 SS –    


  • REVISE WB pages 37 and 38 (answer sheets will be uploaded) Nothing needs to be turned in
  • My Lesson Guide Quiz; due 3/26 by 3PM