OLMCA: Yellow School Bus

I hope that you are having a fantastic summer. If you plan on using Yellow School Bus service, I kindly ask you to reach out to read the attached bus transportation form.   

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy offers yellow bus (Kinder – 6th Grade) or MetroCard (Kinder – 8th Grade) service to families. Please note, your child may only utilize one form of transportation.

Both forms of transportation are free to families and are provided through the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT). Please note, the yellow bus is not a door-to-door service. We will provide your addresses to OPT, who will do their best to create a route that meets your needs based on your location and eligibility.

If you plan on using the bus service, please contact Ms. Revette Hinkson at rhinkson@olmercyca.com to ensure that you receive immediate bus service.