OLMCA’s Thanksgiving Raffle Sale

OLMCA’s thanksgiving raffle


We are holding a Thanksgiving Day raffle to raise funds for Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy. The revenues generated by this raffle will be used to pay COVID 19 related expenses which continue to grow. Following is a description of the prizes that are available: 1. Thanksgiving Turkey and Sides from Metro Meats: Includes a fully cooked 10-12 lb. turkey, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing and two vegetable sides. Enough to feed 8-10 people 2. Thanksgiving Basket: Includes a set of 12 Autumn Scroll Damask Napkins, and a cornucopia of products including: stuffing, pumpkin cookies, cranberry sauce, cakes/cookies/bread mixes, seasonings, sweets, and nuts. 3. Wine and Cheese Basket: Includes 4 bottles of wine, variety of cheeses and sweet/savory treats. Raffle Tickets are $10 dollars each OR 8 for $50. Raffle tickets are were sent home. If you need additional tickets, please contact the office. When filling out the raffle tickets, kindly indicated the prize you want to win. Tickets will be sorted and entered for each prize. Raffles without a Prize Number will be placed in #3. All proceeds will help to cover the cost of Covid-19 related expenses.