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Dear Parents and Students,

I’m excited to be teaching your children physical education during these trying times. We are very limited in what we can do during the gym period. As long as the weather is nice we will be going outside. So please be sure they have a jacket or sweatshirt to go outside

We will be doing different stretches and workouts to loosen up the children’s muscles.

We will be taking laps around the block. We will alternate walking and jogging to keep the students active.

We will be playing two line soccer. This allows for the students to play a team sport while not using their hands and stay socially distant. 

If we have to stay in the classroom because of weather I’ll be doing activities where the students stay at their seats but remain active and distant. I will also be teaching health lessons and give the students ideas and strategies to stay healthy and active.

If you have any questions or concerns I’m always available. My e-mail is



Monday: Pre-K (Ms. Alyssa), 7th Grade, 4th Grade, 3rd Grade

Tuesday- Kindergarten (Ms. Melissa) 5th-(Both classes), Pre-K (Ms. Josephine) 8th Grade, 6th Grade (Mrs. Russo Homeroom)

Wednesday- 5th Grade (Both classes for 20 minutes), Pre-K (Mrs. Ann), Pre-K (Mrs. Orlov), Kindergarten (Alternating between both classes every other week), 2nd Grade

Thursday- 1st (Both classes), 3rd grade, 4th grade, 7th grade

Friday- Nursery (Both classes), Kindergarten (Mrs. Catapano), 8th Grade, 6th Grade (Other class)


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