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Pre-K 4’s Specials Schedule

Monday: Gym 9:00-9:30

(Children must wear sneakers to school on gym days) 

Tuesday: Zumba w/ Ms. Jennifer 9:00-9:30

Wednesday: Technology 9:00-9:30

Thursday: Music 9:00-9:30

Friday: Art 9:00-9:30

September is from the Latin word septem meaning?


After having such a wonderful first week back, transitioning back into school with our new procedures, PK4 did wonderful adjusting to wearing masks, washing their hands more often and getting into the swing of our new schedule. As we continue on in the All About Me unit, students will continue to expand on their vocabulary, learn their likes and dislikes and learn about what makes them special. Please continue to expand the conversation at home to encourage their learning further! We welcome you here and hope you are just as excited as us. Pre-K is a tremendous year of growth and learning and Ms. Jennifer and I are excited to be on this journey with your child! 🙂

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