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Our next unit of study is the Water unit.

We will learn all about what water does, where we can find water, how water helps us, what happens when water changes temperatures, and even what the water cycle is.

We will learn brand new vocabulary words such as, “float, faucet, drink, vapor, meteorologist, weather, umbrella, temperature, melt, liquid and many more.

We even have water tables in our classrooms to explore along with various exciting projects to take part in such as, “sink or float”, “water marbles”, “washing dishes”, “car washes”, “paper boats” and so many more that you will all hear about.

In accordance with the water unit, we also have supplementary units about arctic animals, and ocean life which we will learn all about as well.


If you would like to extend this topic at home there are a few suggestions we can offer:

  • Invite children to create a paper boat at home, draw themselves in the boat and send it back to school. Children can try floating their boats in the water table.
  • Try to determine if you can see your breaths on the way to or from Pre-K. Keep a tally throughout the week and compare the numbers over the weekend.
  • Try a “sink and float” experiment. Gather an assortment of small items, predict which items will sink and which will float and test theories by placing each item in a container of water.
  • Consider whether there is water in the foods and beverages you eat and drink. If you cook together you can consider each ingredient in the recipes you prepare.

March 13-  Professional Fay- No School for Pre-K

March 16- St. Patrick’s Day Dress Down (Green)

March 22- 12PM Dismissal- Parent/Teacher Conferences 1-3, 6-8

March 23- $1.00 Dress down 

March 28- 12PM Dismissal- No Aftercare

March 29- No School

March 30- No School



*Please continue to guide your children to:

-Put on and zip up their coats independently 

-Practice writing their names

Thank you!



*Here are some helpful reminders for UPK:

  • In case your child gets wet or dirty please send in a change of clothing with his/her name on it.
  • Clearly mark names on sweaters or jackets to avoid mix ups.
  • Please be prompt at arrival and dismissal.
  • Check folders regularly for students work, notes, or updates.
  • Please send folders and backpacks to school every day.

preschool hands

Daily Schedule:

Religion (Optional) 8:00-8:30 am

Arrival/Sign-in 8:30-8:40

Breakfast 8:40-8:55

Bathroom/Hand washing 8:55-9:05

Morning Meeting 9:05-9:20

Centers 9:20-10:40

Music and Movement 10:40-11:00

Bathroom/Hand washing 11:00-11:10 

Lunch 11:10-11:40

Nap/Rest 11:40-12:30 pm

Centers 12:30-1:30

Bathroom/Hand washing 1:30-1:40

Snack 1:40-2:00

Gross Motor/Outdoor Play 2:00-2:45

Closing Meeting/End of Day 2:45-2:50

Dismissal 2:50-2:55