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March  2018

THEME: WATER/Ocean Animals/Sea Life

      Our theme for the month of March will be “Water”. We will be learning about the value of water. We will learn about the many ways water is used. We will be conducting many fun Science experiments using Water. Our theme will also include Ocean Animals and Sea Life.

     Our class will read stories and create art projects related to the topic of water. We will also create Math patterns and sort objects related to this theme.  We will create graphs and charts related to Ocean Animals.

     In addition to learning about water we will also learn about and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Beginning of Spring.  We have many exciting things to learn about this month.

****To connect our water theme at home you can:

  • Talk about any beach/ocean memories or vacation memories your family has.
  • Discuss: What would daily life be like if we do not have enough water? What do we use water for each day? (cooking, washing, planting,…..)
  • Find a book relating in some way to “Water” and read it together.
  • Use goldfish crackers or other ocean animal items to practice counting, sorting and making patterns.
  • Encourage your child to talk about the experiments they did in school. (ex:1. Rainbow bridge created out of water mixed with food coloring,….2, Does it Sink or Float?……….. 3, Does it need water or not?…..)
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ON-GOING PRACTICE:  Children should continue to practice writing their name. Children should also work on being able to identify and name all Alphabet Letters (Upper and Lower Case) and Numbers from 0 to 10.   **Practice learning how to tie shoes, zipping, buttoning, snapping,***

***PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL COATS, SWEATERS, etc…..have your child’s name in them. Some children have the same items and it can get confusing for them. We want to make sure everyone gets the correct clothing. (the weather will be getting colder) SO please put names on everything. Thanks!


     Please make sure to send your child to school each day with their folder. We will check it each day and return it to you at the end of the school day. This will be our Communication folder.

****Class begins at 8:30a.m. each morning. Please do your very best to bring the children to school on time!!!!****

    Our “Special” Schedule is as follows:

Monday : Gym 10:35a.m.-11:05a.m.  *** Children must wear sneakers on Gym Day***

Tuesday: Library 9:35a.m.-10:05a.m.

Wednesday: Computer 9:35a.m.-10:05a.m.

Friday: Music 10:35a.m.-11:05a.m.