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                                                                  April  2019   

Our Theme for the month of April will be : Planting

**I will be sending home a suggestion sheet this week with theme related activities so that you are aware of what we will be working on in school. Feel free to try some of these activities at home. Our planting Unit begins on April 1st.

     Throughout the month of April we will be learning about Spring/Planting. We will be reading stories related to various types of plants, flowers and vegetables. (Both fiction and non-fiction).

    In Reading we will be focusing on story details and sequence of events. (Encourage you child to talk about the steps they took to plant…(First they put the soil in a cup, next they put seeds in the soil, then they watered it and finally they observed it turn into a sprout and then a plant.)

    In Math we will be counting spring objects, grouping objects into sets and comparing the numbers in each set. We will be using words like greater, less and equal to. We will also create Spring patterns. We will engage in measuring activities and graphing when we track our plant growth.

     In Science we will take nature walks to observe changes in the Spring. We will observe plant life and we will grow our own plants. Each child will learn how to plant seeds and how to take care of a plant. We will learn what is needed for a plant to grow.

     Many of our Art and Music activities will be related to Spring and Planting! We will have lots of fun with our Planting Unit.

     This month we also celebrate Spring Holidays with a Class Party and an Egg Hunt!

     Our “Specials Schedule” is as follows:

      Monday:   Library- 10:05a.m.-10:35a.m.

       Tuesday: Computer – 9:15 -9:45a.m.

        Thursday: Gym – 9:05-9:35a.m.  **It is very important that the children wear sneakers on Gym Day! Thanks!

         Friday: Music: 10:05a.m.-10:35a.m.

 If your child is signed up for our optional Religion Class please line up outside by 8:00a.m. and I will bring the children inside. If your child is beginning the day at 8:30a.m. please line up outside at 8:30a.m and one of the teachers will bring the children inside. Please understand that if your child is not signed up for optional Religion they may not come into the classroom before 8:30a.m.

Keep Checking this Website for more updates! Thanks!

Please label all sweaters, jackets, etc…….. Thanks!

Ongoing Practice: All children should be working on Identifying Upper and Lower Case Letters and Numbers from 1 to 10. We will work on this in school. It would be helpful to practice naming letters and numbers at home! Thanks!



Have a Safe and Happy Summer

Posted on June 22, 2018

I want to wish all of you a Very Happy and Safe Summer!

It was a wonderful year! I wish all of you the best of luck in Kindergarten! You are all very special and I know you will have a great year!

    To all of our New Pre-K students: I will be happy to see you in September. We will learn many wonderful things together and we will have lots of fun!

    Don’t forget to read many books over the summer. Ask Mom and Dad to read to you! 

     Enjoy the summer! See you in September!

                              -Miss Margaret

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