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May 2018


Dear Parents,

   During the first week of May the students will finish up our unit on planting and then start a unit on insects. The children planted their marigold seeds a month ago and have watered and observed their growth. They are very excited to give their plant to you on Mother’s Day. If you have an outdoor garden I hope you will transplant it and continue to watch it grow this summer. It will also continue to do well if you transplant it to a bigger pot indoors. A lot of love , time, and attention went into this gift!

  The remainder of May will be spent learning about ladybugs, bees, and butterflies. We had live caterpillars delivered to school and are observing them every day. Please ask your child about what they notice each day. By the end of the month they will have transformed to beautiful butterflies and we will release them in the courtyard.

Our Step-Up date is June 15th at 10:15 am in the basement of the Parish Hall so mark your calendars. Below are a list of important dates for this month.




Important Dates:

May 3- $2.00 dress down for pet shelter

May 11- Spring Fling 6-9pm

May 25- Race for Education 12:00pm dismissal

May 28- Memorial Day-school closed




                                                                      April 2018


Dear Parents,

   Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the break and some extra family time! As we begin the month of April the children will learn about the season of spring even though we have had snow this spring! The remainder of the month will be dedicated to planting and learning how seeds grow. The children will be planting marigold seeds as well as sunflowers. We hope to transplant the sunflowers outside somewhere on the school grounds.




Important Dates

April 20- Earth Day Dress Down-$1.00

April 24-Home Academy Meeting 6:30pm

April 26-$1.00 Dress Down

April 29- Talent Show 1:30pm




                                                                    March 2018


Dear Parents,

   Our new unit of study this month will be water. The children will explore the water cycle and what happens when water changes temperature. Some of the things they will come to understand are that all living things need water and water is all around us. We will also have some fun exploring some of the creatures that live in the sea.

On Friday March 2nd there will be an educational hands-on animal program coming to Our Lady of Mercy. The program features animals such as frogs, reptiles, chinchillas, and even a chicken. The children will learn about where they live, what they eat , and how they protect themselves. There will be plenty of time to pet the animals and there will be audience participation in the form of singing and dancing.

Please take note of the important dates listed for the month. Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place on March 22nd.



                                                                                Mrs. Keenan    

March 2 – Animal Program

March 8- $1. Dress down

March 13- No School-Professional Day

March 14-Pi Day and Pie Sale

March 16-Green DressDown

March 20-HAA Meeting 6:30pm

March 22- Parent/Teacher Conferences 1-3 and 6-8

March 23- $1. Dress down

March 28-12pm Dismissal – No Extended Care

March 29-Holy Thursday -No School

March 30-Good Friday- No School 




                                                                       February 2018

Dear Parents,

  This month the children will be learning about light. We will explore the kinds of light found around us and learn that light helps us to see better and the light from the sun keeps us warm. We will create our own light table and explore things that are opaque and translucent. The children will learn that shadows appear when an object blocks light. 

  This month has several special days that we will celebrate which include Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year and President’s Day. School will also be closed for one week for mid-winter recess. Please check the important dates below.

  I would also like to thank all of you for your gift for Teacher Appreciation Day as well as your ongoing contributions to our class celebrations!



                                                                    Mrs. Keenan

Important Dates:

Feb. 2 – 12:00pm dismissal

Feb.7-Candy Gram Sale begins

Feb. 9 – $1.00 dress down

Feb.13-Mardi Gras Breakfast/Parent Visit 

Feb.14-Pizza Day also send in your valentines

Feb.16-Lunar New Year Celebration/Parent Visit

Feb19-23 School Closed

Feb.27- $1.00 Dress down

March 2- Educational animal program with live animals



During the month of January we learned about transportation. The children worked together to create a school bus. We have had lots of fun driving the bus every day!



  January 2018

Dear Parents,

   Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope that you enjoyed lots of family time over the break.

   As we begin a new month we will review last’s month’s unit of study -community and community helpers. Beginning on January 8th the new unit that we will explore will be transportation. There will be daily read alouds to build background knowledge, new games in the Math center with vehicle counters, and the class will create a school bus out of a large cardboard box to use in the dramatic play area.

Please continue to help your child to become more independent in terms of packing up their backpacks and putting on their sweaters, jackets, hats and gloves.




                                                                                     Mrs. Keenan

Important Dates:

January 15 – No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 24-28 – Scholastic Book Fair

January 24 – Bedtime Stories for Grades N-2 6:00-7:30pm







                                                                                     December 2017

Dear Parents,

 During the month of December the children will be exploring a “Where We Live” unit. They will learn about their community and all of the people who live and work in Forest Hills. The Dramatic Play Center has already been transformed into Lillian’s Pizzeria with an oven, pizza pies, and plenty of customers. The children also opened a veterinarian’s office for their pets and a post office so that they could mail their holiday packages!

Since our community is multicultural we will also be learning about the different holidays celebrated this time of year and the various traditions that our families have. I would like to wish you all happy holiday season! 



                                                                                       Mrs. Keenan


 Important Dates:

Dec.5: No School – Teacher PD 

Dec. 7: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dec.8: No School

Dec.12: Holiday Shopping 

Dec.13:$1.00 Dress Down

Dec.14: 6:30pm Christmas Concert in Church Basement

Dec.16: Breakfast with Santa 9:30am in Church Basement

Dec.19: $2.00 Ugly Sweater Contest

Dec.22: 12:00pm Dismissal – No Extended Care

Dec 25-Jan.1: School Closed











November 2017


Dear Parents,

   During the month of November, we will be learning about what makes us special and unique. We will also explore the fall season and discuss the weather changes and the crops that are harvested. The children will learn about Thanksgiving and create a few art projects.

   Please continue to work on the Building Blocks Math curriculum at home with your child. The new week is assigned every Wednesday to coincide with the class’ computer time. I also encourage you to have your child practice writing their name and using a scissors. 


Mrs. Keenan



Important Dates This Month

Nov. 9    School is opened for Pre-K ( The rest of the school is not in session)

Nov.10   No School – Veteran’s Day

Nov. 14  Coffee with the Principal at 9:00am

Nov.16   $1. Dress Down Day

Nov.21   Thanksgiving Celebration and free Dress Up Day

Nov.22   12:00pm Dismissal -No extended care

Nov.23 &24  Thanksgiving Break- No School




October 2017


Dear Parents,

     During the month of October, we will be learning about our five senses. Since it is harvest time, we will combine this with learning about apples. We will taste various types of apples and make apple sauce. There will be lots of fun art projects and science activities. In Math, the children are making small groups, learning about patterns and one to one correspondence.  Remember to ask your children about what they are learning in school. Every day there is a read aloud. Some of the books are non-fiction and the children are expanding their vocabulary as well as their background knowledge. 

October is a busy month. Here are the important dates which can also be found on the calendar.

Oct. 9 – Columbus Day- No School

Oct.12 -Breast Cancer Awareness Dress Down for $2

Oct.20-Black & Gold 50th Anniversary Dress Down for $1

Oct.25- Picture Day -Individual Pictures- no uniform required

Oct.26-Group Photos- Uniforms required

Oct.27- 12:00pm Dismissal for the entire school- due to Confirmation

Oct.31- Halloween Parade – Parents can watch as we parade around the school



        Mrs. Keenan


Our weekly specials are as follows:

Monday – Gym  Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers.

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday – Computer

Friday – Music