Principal Newsletter 11.26.19

The annual Thanksgiving luncheon always gives me the opportunity to reflect on the many things that I am grateful for. I would like to take the opportunity to share just some of them with you.

First, I am thankful for my incredible teaching staff who truly care about student achievement and seeing students learn and grown in a safe learning environment. It is through their hard work and dedication that we have been able to advance the mission of Catholic Education. We are thankful for our office staff, custodians, teaching assistants, nurse, and support staff. Your work behind the scenes allows us to operate so successfully. I am thankful for the support of the parents that have helped us to create such a strong partnership and learning experience for our students. It is through your generosity and willingness to support our school endeavors that we have been able to grow and create new opportunities for our students. I am grateful for our Board of Directors and Parish leadership for guiding our school. Finally, I am grateful to our incredible students. You come to school every day ready to learn and be challenged. You are the light of the school and the reason why we are here. Thank you for making my journey as an administrator such a special and meaningful one. I am truly blessed to be your principal.

For the fourth year in a row, Mrs. Roy and Mrs. Vaccaro organized our Thanksgiving luncheon. They coordinated the volunteers, ordered the food, and decorated the Parish Hall. We are grateful for their leadership and commitment to the students and staff of OLMCA. A special thank you to Ms. Debbie and Ms. Alyssa for arranging a spectacular luncheon for our Nursery students on Monday that included some vegan delights!

Our Thanksgiving luncheon would not be possible without the support and generosity of our wonderful parent community. Thank you to all the parents that contributed to our luncheon! The luncheon was paid for through donations and contributions. I am truly blown away by your generosity. The students made unforgettable memories as they enjoyed delicious meal with their friends, family, and teachers.

As a small token of appreciation, all students will be allowed to dress down for free on Wednesday, November 27th. Please be mindful that tomorrow is a 12:30 PM dismissal and there will be no Extended Care. Hot lunch will still be served at 11:30AM.

Thank you again for all that you do to advance the Mission and Ministry of OLMCA. Your efforts and contributions are truly appreciated. On behalf of the entire Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy community, we would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and bountiful Thanksgiving. See you in December!

“The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.” – James E. Faust