Principal Newsletter 2.5.19

Junior High Math Bee

Yesterday Ms. Feeley held our annual Junior High Math Bee. I am pleased to tell you that after many grueling rounds, Michael Murphy (Grade 8) will be representing our school at the Diocesan Math Bee. Congratulations to Evan Tan (Grade 6) for coming in as our runner-up and alternate. Congratulations to all our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders that participated. They exhibited such confidence as they answered challenging questions in front of an audience!

Scholastic Book Fair Update

The 2019 OLMCA book fair was a huge success! We made over $3,000!!!! It could not have been done without your support and generosity! With our profits, our school will be able to purchase many new books.  The winners of the Quarter Drive is Third grade. They will be able to dunk water on members of our faculty after the Race for Education. Thank you for your support! Congratulations, 3rd Grade! We would like to offer special thanks to Ms. Alyssa Loscalzo, and our wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Without you, our Book Fair would not have been possible!

E3 Sports Update

Today we launched our two week school wide Recess & Gym program with E3 Sports! Here are some details about the program:

RECESS: Outside recess will be setup with multiple play stations, to also include an option for “free play.”

GYM: All gym classes will follow reinforce the philosophy of movement and healthy living; every week students will introduce a different theme. Classes will follow a 3 point class structure: 

  1. Word of Week: Introduces a new word and it’s meaning in several contexts according to age group. 
  2. Movement Puzzle: Introduces a new fitness movement challenge
  3. Game: Introduces a fun game that requires active play and sportsmanship skills. 

This week E3 Sports and our PE teachers will follow the following program for gym:  

  1. “Nutrition” as the Word of the Week
  2. A “Jumping Jacks” Movement Puzzle
  3. A game of  Spike Ball using trampolines provided by E3 Sports

 As a reminder, E3 Sports has partnered with OLMCA to provide guidance on how we can restructure and improve our gym and recess programs. This two week period is the opportunity for E3 Sports to train our staff and volunteers, and test and customize our programs to fit our need. E3 Sports has a transition plan when this two week program end so we can continue practicing  this new philosophy. Note: This program was funded by our Winter Wonderland event.

E3 Sports will begin the Kindergarten and 3rd grade “extra gym class” residency programs Feb 26th until June. These residency programs were funded by the Kindergarten and 3rd grade parents/families.

Box Tops Update

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the Box Tops Program! For the 2018-2019 school year, so far we has raised $517.30. With this additional collection of over $120, that will bring us up to almost $640! With all of the fun and exciting updates going on in the school, this money will continue to help enhance our children’s educational experience at OLMCA. 

Our next collection is a crucial one! The last Box Tops submission eligible for payment this year happens to be on March 1. This means that the school will receive one last check before the end of the school year based on what we collect between now and the submission date. Let’s finish out the year strong! Box Tops will continue to be collected through May, with proceeds going towards the next school year’s goal. 

Next collection: Friday, February 22.

Some reminders and updates:

  • Please remember to put a name on your child’s submission sheets, baggies or envelopes. Otherwise, they will not get credit for their contribution.
  • Remember to keep Bonus Box Tops separatefrom the collection sheets.
  • Ensure that all Box Tops are not expired
  • Some new products participating in the Box Tops Program are select NESTLE PURE WATER BOTTLES (found at Sam’s Club and Walmart) and select PAPER MATE PENS and PENCILS.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out: (Kristine Montes, mom to students in Nursery & 5th Grade)

Catholic Schools Week

The theme for the National Catholic Schools Week 2019 was “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” It was an incredible week! Many of our students joined us on Sunday, January 27 for Mass celebrated by Monsignor McGuirl. Afterwards, many of our current families took a tour of OLMCA at our Open House.

 For Student Appreciation Day, E3 Sports organized fun and cooperative games for our K-8 students. Career Day was a tremendous success thanks to all of parent speakers. Their passion for their professions was evident during their presentations. Finally, Our students in Grades 6-8 created Google Slide presentations about our mission statement to share with our younger students. You can view their work on the school website under the Mission & Philosophy section. They truly showcased what a special community that we have.

On behalf of the entire faculty, I would also like to thank all of the parents for their generosity in making Teacher Appreciation Day such a success. We were able to provide each teacher and teacher aide with a $50.00 gift card. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing community here at OLMCA.