Principal Newsletter 4.3.19

The Third Trimester is underway and our students are working as hard as ever! Our students have showcased so much of their talent over the last few weeks. Violet Dutton (Grade 5) came in third place at the Regional Religion Bee. Naomi Goya (Grade 6) earned  Honorable Mention. Both students will advance to the next round! Shane Mochwart (Grade 5) also represented OLMCA at the Middle Grades Math Bee. He did an outstanding job performing challenging mental math problems!

Last Sunday, we had our Annual Talent Show. You might have thought it was a Broadway production. Our students have tremendous talent! From singing and dancing to contemporary pop songs to classics such as “Hello Dolly,” our students truly shined bright! There was an expert on the E Train and a future scientist conducting fascinating experiments! It was a wonderful celebration of the many talents at OLMCA.

The Talent Show would not have been as successful as it was without an incredible group of parents. A HUGE thank you to the following parents: Yulieth Bran-Ortiz, Lillian Coca, Carolina DeLeonardis and family, Maria Holloway and family, Vanessa Ruddy Ramirez, Zara Ramirez, Gloria Saldarriaga, Albania Sarita-Rizzo, Kenia Sarita-Rizzo, and Monica Zurita. Thanks to their leadership, we were able to raise $1430.00 for 30 CASIO keyboards that will benefit the entire student body. We can’t wait to see what this incredible group plans next for OLMCA! Thank you to Father Greg for the sounds and lighting! Thank you to Ms. Altieri for coordinating the closing act. Thank you to Ms. Debbie Loscalzo and Ms. Alyssa Loscalzo for hosting the event! Thank you to Mr. Seubert for creating the program! Be sure to check out the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy to see some incredible photos captured by Walter Lin!


Have you heard the exciting news? OLMCA is the recipient of a LabLearner STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant. This grant totaling around $95,000.00 will completely revolutionize learning at OLMCA. The curriculum will spiral from Pre-K to Grade 8! As part of the grant, we will receive new furniture, equipment, manipulatives, chemicals, books, and more! In addition, our staff will receive two days worth of professional development!


We’ve had our initial site visit yesterday and are hoping to have the lab installed before the end of the school year. Stay tuned!


Re-registration for 2019-2020


Families must be current on this year’s tuition to register for next year. It is imperative that you return the form as soon as possible to ensure that your child has a seat for the 2019-2020 school year. As of right now, we only have TWO seats available for Kindergarten! Please be sure to send in your re-registration form as soon as possible so that we can guarantee you a seat as well as complete our budgetary process for next year.

Financial Aid

Once you have registered for next year, you can apply online for a Diocesan scholarship. Families who apply during the first round are the only ones eligible for the maximum scholarship. For more information, please visit:

Scholarship Deadlines:

  • New families: April 29, 2019

If you need any assistance in completing the application, please contact Ms. Hinkson at 718-793-2086.

Sports Night

Are you coming to Sports Night on Thursday, April 4?

This Thursday will be our FIRST Sports Night event from 6-8pm. The purpose of this event is to celebrate our students’ physical education advancements by hosting a healthy, exciting competition of relay races, as well as raise funds for the program. Unlike most other events, Sports Night NEEDS the students attendance in order for the games to be fair and complete. We urge you to make arrangements so that your child can attend and compete with their team. Youngest students will compete first, starting with Kindergarten at 6:15pm and ending with 8th grade by 8pm. Students have been assigned to a BLUE or YELLOW team. Winning teams will receive a smoothie party, free dress down day and an opportunity to plan activities during one gym class! 

Spring Photos

All students will be photographed on Tuesday, April 9. No money is initially required. Children can dress up or wear their school uniform. Flyers were sent home last week with all the information. If you want a specific background, please be sure to indicate it on the sheet. No money is due now. Once the pictures are sent home, you decide if you want to keep them or not. Please call Ms. Hinkson if you have any questions about Spring Picture Day.

Please note that students in Grades 5-8 should bring a change of clothes for their middle school concert in the afternoon.