Principal Newsletter 5.18.21


Governor Cuomo’s Announcement

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that NYS will adopt the new CDC guidelines for Masks and Social Distance for fully vaccinated individuals. Please Note: At this time, Schools are exempt from these new CDC guidelines so the Mask Policy and Social Distance Protocols remain in place for all schools.

Full information can be found at

OLMCA’s Talent Show

OLMCA students sure have talent! Join us for a fun event on Thursday, May 20th at 7pm to see our students sing, dance, and more! This event is sure to inspire all to learn a new talent. Hosted by OLMCA’s 7th Grade, you are in for a wonderful night! 

Financial Aid

Financial aid applications for students in Grades K-8, who attend a Brooklyn or Queens School or Academy has begun. Once you have registered for next year, you can apply online for a Diocesan scholarship. Families who apply during the first round are the only ones eligible for the maximum scholarship. For more information, please visit:

Scholarship Deadlines: New families: May 31, 2021

3K for All Registration


Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy is excited to share that we will be offering the free 3K for All program through the Department of Education. We will have one (1) full day 3K classroom with a maximum of 15 students in September 2021. Ms. Alyssa Loscalzo will be our 3K for All teacher.

We will still have an OLMCA tuition-based Nursery classroom in September. Ms. Debbie Loscalzo will remain as our Nursery teacher.

You can apply for 3K for All at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy by visiting the website at: school code is QADQ.

Race for Education

Many thanks to all those who have helped make a great start for our 14th Annual Race for Education! Thanks to your generosity we are more than 95% of the way toward our goal of $15,000 to fund new purchases for our Parish Hall’s lighting and audio. Congratulations to Lucas Holloway, Oscar Espinosa, Noah Edmond, and Morgan Dougherty for leading the way with the most paid sponsorships so far! 

Just a few reminders: the next early return day is Monday, May 24th. Return your sponsorship form with a minimum paid donation of $25 and receive 2 NUT cards!!  Please remember to return sponsorships as soon as possible. If you returned a pledge sheet, please begin to collect payments and send in as well. Remember every little bit helps!  Our goal is to have every student return at least 1 sponsorship!

We have a new incentive!! 

The first class that has 100% fundraising participation will get to dump buckets of freezing cold ice water over teachers and staff of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy on the race day!

Be sure to share the Giving Zone link with your family and friends! Here is the link: 

Please sign up here to volunteer or donate water:

Thank you all for your continued generosity and support. Looking forward to fun race days!

Step-Up and Graduation Dates

The revised June calendar will be sent home next week. The last day of school is Friday, June 23rd. Please be aware that the Diocese has mandated 12:30pm dismissals starting on Thursday, June 17th. Please make a note of these important milestone events for Nursery, PreK, Kindergarten, and 8th Grade.


Thursday, June 17th

Ms. Debbie at 9am

Ms. Alyssa at 10:15am


Friday, June 18th

Mrs. Keenan at 9am

Ms. Josephine at 10am

Ms. Alyssa at 11am

Mrs. Orlov at 12pm

*Mrs. Orlov’s PreK Remote on Thursday, June 17th at 11:30am


Tuesday, June 22

9am and 10:15am

8th Grade

Friday, June 11th at 6pm