Principal Newsletter 9/15/20

Thank you for your help in creating a smooth transition back to school. While I understand that we have new procedures for drop-off and pick-up, I kindly ask that you review the following:

Parents are encouraged to wait in their car until the classes dismiss or observe social distancing policies and not congregate on walkways, church steps, grass, sidewalk, or Courtyard. Students must immediately vacate school premises. Students are not permitted to loiter or talk to their classmates, nor play and congregate on any part of the church property, i.e., steps, courtyard, back lawn, front lawn, garage area, rectory, etc. after dismissal.

Parking Hazards

We are asking for your help during drop off and pickup. There has been an increase in illegal parking and many of our neighbors have called to complain. Safety is our number one priority at OLMCA and we do not want to see any of our students hurt, or worse.

What can you do to help?

Please Do Not: 

  • Double park
  • Block driveways of our neighbors
  • Park in no parking zones 
  • Block crosswalks
  • Block school entrances 
  • Honk your horn repeatedly
  • Drive aggressively 
  • Drive fast

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Your input is always appreciated and we would love to hear any feedback from the parents. Thank you for keeping the area around OLMCA safe for our students.