Academic Programs

Core Programs

  • Go Math (K-8)
  • Super Kids for Kindergarten
  • Reading Street (3-5)
  • Go Math (Grades K-8)
  • Scott Foresman Science and Social Studies (K-8)
  • Religion: We Believe (K-8)

Special Subjects

  • Spanish (Grades K-8)
  • Art (Grades K-8)
  • Enrichment (Grades 4-8)
  • Library
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Technology

Services and Resources

  • Before and After School Program
  • Dedicated and Experienced Staff
  • Full-time DOH Nurse
  • IEP Services
  • iPads for Grades N-4
  • Chomebooks for Grades 5-8

Residency Programs

OLMCA strives to partner with the right people and organizations that can further enrich our culture and school community. Below is a list of our partners:

  • E3 Sports: E3 Sports provides consultation, on-site training and coaching to OLMCA with a progressive approach to crafting a NEW and IMPROVED physical education program to significantly improve recess activities, gym classes and classroom movement. New ideas, games, tools and play structures will be introduced and tested by E3 Sports and considered for long term permanent implementation by our gym teacher Mr. Kennedy and the recess staff. These improvements include a goal to increase physical movement, setup diverse play structures, and provide new educational tools and tactics for healthier living.
    • All grades will receive on-site coaching for 2 weeks during recess and gym in February. (*Nursery and Pre-K grades do not qualify for this residency given age and liability restrictions.)
    • Kindergarten, Third Grade and Seventh grades will receive additional 60 minutes gym classes between February and April 2018


  • Musical Theater with Betina Hershey (Grades 1 & 2)
  • Stages Performing Arts Residency Program (4,6,& 8)
  • Ballroom Dancing (5 & 8)


We strive to integrate the use of technology in all subject areas.