Race for Education

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

is proud to announce our

12th Annual Race for Education!

Friday, May 25

 Nursery thru 3rd: 9:15-10:00 am

4th thru 8th Grades: 10:15-11: 15 am

This year’s Race is dedicated to improving our outdoor courtyard space and adding an air conditioning unit to our school gym. We anticipate the project to begin this summer! With your help, we will improve our Physical Education program! Each student will raise funds by asking sponsors- friends, neighbors and family-to donate a (tax deductible) fixed amount. Please collect pledges from friends and family and turn them in by Monday, May 21!

Students will walk or jog the quarter mile around school as many times as they are able in their grades’ allotted time. They will compete for prizes based upon the number of laps completed.

Please note that this year after the Race for Education we invite everyone to join us for hot dogs and refreshments on Juno Street! All race participants will be receiving a voucher for a hot dog, additional vouchers may be purchased! Also, this year all race participants will be receiving a NUT card!

         How the Race Works

In previous years, we mailed flyers via the U.S. Postal Service. This year to save trees, postage and time, we are once again asking parents to e-mail the flyers to their families and friends. We are also providing hard copies. Please inquire in the office if you are in need of additional copies.

Potential sponsors may be family members, relatives, friends and neighbors. Christmas card lists are a great resource for this event. Special emphasis should be placed on out-of-state relatives and friends. Your coworkers may also be a good source of possible sponsors.

We will have paper copies of the flyer available for those friends and family members who do not use  e-mail.

Also new this year, donations may be securely made online at our academy’s website: www.olmercyca.org through Pay Pal. Once you get to our website, you will see it on the Home Page or click on News & Events to donate. Please  remind the  donors  to list  the  student’s  name  under  “Instructions   to Merchant”  when  donating  via  PayPal!  In  this  way,  we can  keep  an  accurate  record  of donations.


Of course, we will gladly accept cash, checks and money orders at the office!



  • In each classroom, the student with the MOST laps will receive a

          Good  Luck to All!!!!