Scholastic Book Fair Schedule

Book Fair Schedule

            Below is the class schedule for the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair. The fair will run from January 22nd – January 24th. Additionally, the book fair will be open on Sunday, January 26th from 9 am to 1 pm to kick off Catholic Schools Week!


Wednesday, January 22nd

(Pre-K)  Miss Josephine and Miss Kristen: 1:15


Thursday, January 23rd

(Nursery) Ms. Debbie and Ms. Alyssa: 9:02-9:47

(Kindergarten) Mrs. Catapano: 9:49-10:34

(3rd Grade) Mrs. Roy: 10:36-11:21

(6th Grade)Mrs. Beadle:  1:10-1:56

(Pre-K) Miss Margaret and Mrs. Keenan: 2:00-2:30


Friday, January 24th

(5th Grade) Ms. Russo: 8:15-9:00

(1st Grade) Mrs. Vaccaro: 9:02-9:47

(2nd Grade) Mrs. Starace: 9:59-10:34

(4th Grade) Mrs. Ray: 10:36-11:21

(8th Grade) Ms. Leone: 11:23-12:08

(7th Grade) Mrs. Hoffman: 1:10-1:56


Please visit to volunteer for a time slot. You can view events and class attendance times on the school’s book fair homepage listed above.  We need volunteers…we need YOU! Volunteering at the Book Fair is the perfect way to stay connected to your child at school and help students find the books they can’t wait to read. Sign up now and get ready for a fun and rewarding volunteer experience. Thank you for all you do! Your involvement makes our school events a success!