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 FRIDAY ,  March  13,  2020


Dear Parents,

Beginning Monday, March 16th – Friday, March 20th, I will be communicating all homework and/or assignments via this platform. Please be cognizant of the due date and submit all work on google classroom . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at     

Thank you,

Mrs. Cirone



Color Review :  Workbook pg.  73-75

Color Review: Wb pg 67-73

Color White/  blanco    Wb pg. 63-66

Review vocabulary: Words around the house (Workbook pg. 203-204 ) 

Color BLACK / NEGRO   Workbook pg. 57-60   

NO HOMEWORK              Color :   Color purple  /   Morado    and BROWN   / marron


Tarea#2      3x each word from worksheet in notebook (1-10)  

*** STUDY and REVIEW  vocabulary worksheet: Places in the city/community ***  THERE IS NOT A TEST .

Tarea#1       Workbook pg. 202 

Tarea:    Cut 4 pictures per  letters of the alphabet. (Some students have 1 or 2 letters assigned)  DUE   WED 11/27/19. 

NO   HOMEWORK       Review / study the  Alphabet     (WB pg. 192-196)   ABC   ORDER

Alphabet Review:   Letters A-H    Wrote short sentences in notebooks.     


Tarea#10    Workbook pg. 55,56

Tarea#9     Worksheet:  Write the English word next to the Spanish word. (Adjectives)

Tarea#8     Worksheet: Indefinite articles (1-58)

Tarea#7      Workbook pg. 52   (Articles and nouns)

Tarea#6   Workbook pg. 50   Definite articles.

Tarea#4     Worksheet: Definite articles: el, la (THE)

Tarea#3     Worksheet:  masculine and feminine

Tarea#1    Packet: Plural nouns


Tarea#5       Describe yourself using the adjectives given in class.

Tarea#4       Do and study review sheet .   STUDY FOR TEST on Friday 3/13/2020    (singular / plural) 

Tarea#3     Workbook pg. 24-25   (D,E)

Tarea# 3     TO STUDY FOR TEST on Friday 1/31/2020    (Plural nouns).

Tarea#2     Worksheet: ” Los nombres plurales ”   (Plural nouns)

Tarea#1    Workbook pg. 20-21    

To review / study the objects in the classroom.


Tarea#5    Workbook pg. 54 (1-8)

Tarea#4     Workbook pg. 49-50 

Tarea#3     Workbook pg. 23, 27 

***   STUDY FOR TEST on Monday 3/2/2020  (lessons 1-7)  TOPICS TO REVIEW FOR TEST :  1. Basic school objects (pg. 2)   2. Expressions with the verb Tener (pg. 3)  3. farm animals (pg. 5)   4. Basic clothes vocabulary.    5. The house.    ***

Tarea#2      Oral Presentation Draft.

*** Keep working on the   project ***    DUE:  January 24, 2020

Tarea#3    Start working on the project : MI CASA IDEAL   (See worksheet with guidelines) . First draft due on  Monday 1/13/2020.   

Tarea#2    Worksheet: Label each of the rooms in the house and at least 3 items in each of the rooms IN SPANISH !!!

Tarea#1    Workbook pg. 6   (1-10)  in notebook. 


Tarea#7     Worksheet: AR verbs (On a separate sheet of paper do sentences 1-25 only) 

Tarea#6     Textbook pg. 129   (F)

Tarea#5      Textbook pg. 121-124  (A,B)

STUDY FOR TEST on FRIDAY  2/28/2020  (Worksheet: AR verbs: definitions and endings)

Tarea#4      Textbook pg. 115  

Tarea#2      Textbook  pg. 110   (G)

Tarea#1    Worksheet: Primeros AR verbs.


Tarea#9    Worksheet: Reteaching and practice ACT # 4,5 and 6.        *** TO STUDY FOR QUIZ WED 3/11  (USES OF SER AND ESTAR  and  ADJECTIVES)

Tarea#8    Worksheet: The verb ESTAR  : (Prueba 2B-3)

Tarea#7    Worksheet: To translate sentences using the verb SER.   (15 sentences)

Tarea#6     Workbook pg. 63-65  (A,B)

Tarea#5     Worksheet: Practica verbos en el presente

STUDY FOR TEST on Monday  2/10/2020  (Worksheet: AR verbs: definitions and endings)

Tarea#4    Worksheet #111   Primeros AR verbs.

Tarea#2     To answer questions (with partner) 

Tarea#1    To conjugate 32  (ER and IR verbs)


Tarea#7   Workbook pg. 65-67 (A,B)

Tarea#6     Textbook pg. 157-159   (Act E-G)

Tarea#5      Worksheet:  Practica: Verbos en el presente.

STUDY FOR TEST on   WED 2/5/2020.   Worksheet: AR,ER and IR verbs. 

Tarea#2     Textbook pg. 106-107    

Tarea#1    To answer questions (with partners)


Tarea#12    To finish conversation (poster)

Tarea#11     Textbook pg. 372-375   (A-C)


Tarea# 10      Worksheet 8.16   8.17  Present Progressive.  

Tarea# 9:  Translate the following Idiomatic Expressions: 1. Ser la oveja negra.   2.  Dar gato por liebre.  3. Verle las orejas al lobo.

                    4.  Es pan comido.       5. Ponerse como un tomate. 

Tarea# 7     Writing Activity: Pick a topic(in class)

Tarea#5,6    Task cards : The verb IR (to go)

Tarea#4     Textbook pg. 352-353  (J)

Tarea# 3    Workbook pg. 135-137  (A-C)

Tarea#1    Wb pg. 129-131   (A-C)

Tarea#12    WB pg. 128 (F)














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