Stalks and Water

Stalks and Water

Stalks and Water is a fun activity to do with your child. This activity shows children the importance of water and how living things need water to survive. 

Directions for Stalks and Water Activity:

  1. Add drops of food coloring to a container of water (or different colors to multiple containers).
  2. Add a leafy celery stalk to the water.
  3. Ask children to predict what will happen if you leave the stalk in the water overnight.
  4. Record their predictions and invite them to monitor the stalks periodically.
  5. As the colored water becomes visible in the celery stalk or leaves, talk with the children about how the stalk transports the water.
  6. The following day, refer back to their predictions to summarize and draw conclusions. Tell children that water helps move nutrients through plants. This helps plants stay alive. Without water, plants will start to wilt and eventually die.

This activity can also be done with white or light colored flowers. You can find step by step directions here:

If possible, try to use different colors and multiple containers to create a rainbow effect. Talk to your children about the different colors that you used.

Color changing flowers and celery experiment Grace’s Science Place:

Have fun! 

Miss Kristen