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                                                         Mr. Seubert’s Computer Class 2017-2018



You will find below the schedule for your child’s computer class.  Please look for either his/her teacher’s name to see what day of the week they will be attending class with me. 



Mrs. Staraces’  Second Grade  


Ms. Pirozzo’s U-PreK Class

Ms. Spatola’s U-PreK Class

Ms. Russo’s Fifth Grade Class


Mrs. Keenan’s U-PreK Class

Miss Quinlivan’s U-PreK Class

Ms. Feeley’s Eighth Grade Class


Mrs. Vaccaro’s First Grade Class

Ms. Colombo’s Sixth Grade Class

Ms. Leone’s Seventh Grade Class

Ms. Feeley’s Eighth Grade Class


Mrs. Catapano’s Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Roy’s Third Grade Class

Please remember while your child’s grade is scheduled for computer class once per week all our teachers have access to devices to be used in their classrooms whenever that helps with their lessons.  Many teachers use these devices on a daily basis.  Whether they are Chromebooks for our middle school students or the over one hundred iPads  Ms. McCann has obtained through a grant from the Diocese, our teachers and students have hands on access to them daily.

Here’s wishing you all the best in the coming year.

Mr. Bob Seubert