Transformation Unit: Week One

Today is the first day of our “Transformation” unit. “Transformation” is our last unit of study for the school year.  The essential question to keep in mind throughout this unit is, “What is transformation and how do things change?“. In this unit, children conclude the year by investigating how things change over time. This final Pre-K unit is an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills children learned in previous units, and to help children prepare for upcoming transitions. 

To transform means to make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance or character. To learn this concept, children will begin the unit by considering the focus question, “What changes around me?“. This week we will also consider the focus question, “How can objects change?” The foundational texts for this week are, Little Tree, by Loren Long and Joseph had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback.  

Talk to your child about these vocabulary words: appearance, change, date, feelings, larger, longer, narrower, objects, state, shorter, seasons, transform, transition, weather, after, bigger, camouflage, combine, continue, darker, develop, disguise, evaporate, feet, freeze, grow, harder, heavier, inches, less, lighter, magnify, more, newer, off, older, purpose, recycle, repurpose, reuse, shrink, smaller, softer, stages. Define these words with your child and have them write each word and draw a picture. Additionally, you can find pictures online and print them out.  

Here is the complete DOE unit of “Transformation”.

Warm regards, 

Miss Kristen