Transformation Unit: Week Two

The focus question for this week is, “What kinds of changes happen in nature?”. The foundational text is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. We listened to this story today on Zoom, but please listen to or read this story with your child again and ask them these questions: 

Level 1: Recall

What food did the caterpillar eat?

How did the caterpillar feel after he ate all week?

After the caterpillar ate and grew into a big, fat caterpillar he built a small house called a cocoon. What happened to the caterpillar when he was inside the cocoon?

Level 2: Skill/Concept

Why did the caterpillar eat so much food?

Why was the caterpillar so hungry?

Why do you think the caterpillar ate the green leaf on Sunday?

Level 3: Strategic Thinking

How can you tell if you are growing? What can you do to help you grow?

Why do you think the illustrator made a hole in each food that the caterpillar ate?

Level 4: Extended Thinking

How are you like the caterpillar?

How are you like the butterfly?

What are some other things that change like the caterpillar?

What are some other animals that change like the caterpillar?

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Warm regards,

Miss Kristen